Standing Rules English

Table of Contents

  2. SCOPE 6

4.1 Regular Members                                                                                                                                                                             7

4.2 Extraordinary Members                                                                                                                                                                  7

4.2.1 Alumni Members                                                                                                                                                                       7

4.2.2 Faculty Personnel                                                                                                                                                                     8

4.2.3 Extraordinary Members                                                                                                                                                        8

 4.3 Membership Fee                                                                                                                                                                            9

  1. Privacy 9

6.1 The Board                                                                                                                                                                                              10

6.1.1 President                                                                                                                                                                                     10

6.1.2 Secretary                                                                                                                                                                                     10

6.1.3 Treasurer                                                                                                                                                                                     10

6.1.4 Vice President                                                                                                                                                                           10

6.1.5 Head of Education                                                                                                                                                                 11

6.1.6 Head of Activities                                                                                                                                                                   11

6.1.7 Head of External Affairs                                                                                                                                                      11

6.2 Committees                                                                                                                                                                                         11

6.2.1 Activities Committee                                                                                                                                                           11

6.2.2 Education Committee                                                                                                                                                         11

6.2.3 Excursion Committee                                                                                                                                                          11

6.2.4 Family day Committee                                                                                                                                                       12

6.2.5 Gala Committee                                                                                                                                                                     12

6.2.6 Introduction Week Committee                                                                                                                                     12

6.2.7 Camp Committee                                                                                                                                                                   12

6.2.8 Student Evaluation Panel (SEP)                                                                                                                                     12

6.2.9 Promo Committee                                                                                                                                                                 12

6.3 Councils                                                                                                                                                                                                 12

 6.3.1 Advisory Council (AC)                                                                                                                                                          12

6.3.2 Financial Supervision Council (FSC)                                                                                                                           13

6.4 Task Forces                                                                                                                                                                                           13

  1. MEETINGS 13

7.1 Committee Meetings                                                                                                                                                                     13

7.2 Council Meetings                                                                                                                                                                             13

7.3 Board Meetings (BMs)                                                                                                                                                                    13

7.4 General Members Assembly (GAs)                                                                                                                                          14


8.1 Election of a New Board                                                                                                                                                               14

8.2 Interim Change in Board                                                                                                                                                              14


9.1 Helix Room                                                                                                                                                                                          14

9.2 Activities Organised (or Co-organised) by SA Helix                                                                                                       15

9.3 Additional Terms and Conditions                                                                                                                                          16


10.1 Amendments to Standing Rules                                                                                                                                           16

10.2 Signatures                                                                                                                                                                                          17


Issued by: Study Association Helix (hereafter: “SA Helix”).

          1. DEFINITIONS

In these Standing Rules, words that begin with a capital letter (whether singular or plural) are defined as follows.

  1. Standing Rules: the present standing rules.


  1. Constitution: the constitution of SA Helix.


  1. Board: the board of SA Helix.


  1. Board Member: individual who is a member of the Board of SA Helix.


  1. UM: Universiteit Maastricht/Maastricht University.


  1. FHML: UM’s Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.


  1. BBS: UM’s Bachelor programme in Biomedical Sciences.


  1. BMS: UM’s Master’s programme in Biomedical Sciences.


  1. GMA: the General Members Assembly of SA Helix, as described in its Constitution.


  1. BM: the Board’s official meetings.


  1. Registration Procedure: procedure for individuals who wish to register as members of SA Helix.


  1. Registrant: individual taking part in the Registration Procedure.


  1. Member: individual who has joined SA Helix after submitting the registration form.


  1. Participant in an activity, also known as ‘Participant’: individual who has completed the registration procedure for an activity and/or excursion and who takes part in the same. This person is not necessarily a Member.
  2. Registration Fee: financial charge for taking part in an activity.


  1. Helix Room: SA Helix’ quarters in rooms 0.635a and 0.633, Universiteitssingel 40, Maastricht.


  1. Website: the SA Helix website:


  1. Written: physical and / or electronic communication via the Website or e-mail (


  1. LSCE: Life Science Career Event foundation.


  1. SC: the FHML Student Council.


  1. Honorary Members: individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to SA Helix.

          2. SCOPE

The Standing Rules apply to all agreements, services, goods (and their provision), documents, any newsletters (by e-mail or otherwise), information notices (by e-mail or otherwise), digital and physical mailings, the Website, the Registration Procedure, and any transactions (legal or otherwise) between SA Helix and third parties, even those transactions (legal or otherwise) that do not conclude with an agreement. The Standing Rules also apply to long-term membership agreements between SA Helix and its Members, on which basis the

Members conclude an agreement with SA Helix allowing them to use SA Helix’ services against payment of a fixed fee. In case of conflict between the Dutch text and the translation, the Dutch text will prevail.

          3. INTRODUCTION

SA Helix aims to promote the interests of the (former) Bachelor’s and Master’s students within the Biomedical Sciences domain of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University.

It seeks to achieve this goal by, among other things, monitoring and striving to improve the quality of the

relevant education within the Biomedical Sciences domain of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Maastricht, promoting the integration between the concerning (former) students, between those (former) students and the faculty staff, as well as between those (former) students and the professional field.

The Standing Rules include additional provisions and bylaws. The Standing Rules form part of the Constitution.

          4. MEMBERSHIP

Members of SA Helix are composed of Normal Members and Extraordinary Members


              4.1 Regular Members

The following persons are eligible for membership of SA Helix:


  1. Students enrolled in the bachelor Biomedische Wetenschappen (BMW)


  1. Students enrolled in the bachelor Biomedical Sciences (BBS)


  1. Students enrolled in master Biomedical Sciences


Membership commences as soon as the Registration Procedure has been completed, i.e. after Written submission of a complete and correct application form. Membership confers extra advantages and entitlements on students. Members who wish to resign from the association must submit a Written resignation.

               4.2 Extraordinary Members

Extraordinary members of SA Helix are as follows:

  • Alumni Members
  • Faculty Personnel
  • Honorary Members

                 4.2.1 Alumni Members

A person can register as an alumni member if he / she has successfully completed one of the courses mentioned in article 4.0. The membership takes effect from the moment the enrollment procedure is complete, this is a naked submission of the fully and correctly completed registration form

                 4.2.2 Faculty Personnel

A person can register as a faculty member of staff when he or she is an employee of Maastricht University, and works at the FHML. This membership expires when the member is no longer working at the FHML.

                 4.2.3 Extraordinary Members

An individual may be nominated for honorary membership during the GMA. A nomination for honorary membership must be accompanied by reasons. The GMA decides whether honorary membership will be granted. Honorary Members are subject to the same provisions as Regular Members. Honorary Members do not pay a membership fee and are lifelong Members.

              4.3 Membership Fee

Year 1 €30 for entire Bachelor’s programme
Year 2 €15 for remaining Bachelor’s programme
Year 3 €5 for remaining Bachelor’s programme
Master’s student €5 for entire Master’s programme


Contribution regular members:

Every Member has a duty to pay the membership fee to SA Helix. Payment may be made by direct debit or by bank transfer. Full restitution of the membership fee is only possible if the individual resigns from the association in the first month of the academic year or the first month of his/her membership and he or she has made no use of the membership. If a Member does not satisfy these conditions, only partial restitution is possible. The Board will determine the size of the restitution. If a membership fee has not been paid in full six months after registration, membership will be cancelled, unless SA Helix is at fault for payment being unfeasible.

Contribution extraordinary members:

Alumnus €5 for lifelong membership
Instructor €0,- Until the member is not working at the FHML anymore. Donations are accepted.
Honorary Member €0 for lifelong membership


         5.  PRIVACY

The data held in the SA Helix membership database is subject to the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (WetBescherming Persoonsgegevens). It will only be used for SA Helix’ internal recordkeeping and will not be sharedwith third parties.

Photos and videos taken during events can be used for promotional purposes.



SA Helix has a Board and multiple committees, councils, and task forces. This section outlines the various Board positions, committees, councils, and task forces within SA Helix.


              6.1 The Board

The Board is made up of Members of SA Helix and consists of the following positions:

  1. President


  1. Secretary


  1. Treasurer


  1. Vice President


  1. Head of Education


  1. Head of Activities


  1. Head of External Affairs


The Board is elected by the GMA. The Board’s primary task is to manage the association and to enforce its bylaws.

                 6.1.1 President

The president heads the association, the Board and the GMA and is the public face of SA Helix. The President oversees the association and the Board.


                 6.1.2 Secretary

The secretary maintains the association’s records, including its membership database. The secretary is responsible for the Board’s general correspondence, for the association’s Constitution and bylaws and for compliance with the same. The secretary is also responsible for taking the minutes at BMs and GMAs.


                 6.1.3 Treasurer

The treasurer manages the association’s cash and cash equivalents and is responsible for its financial accounts throughout the Board’s term. The treasurer drafts a budget prior to the upcoming financial year and a financial actualization at the end of the Board’s term and the financial year. These documents are subject to approval by the GMA. The treasurer is also responsible for adhering to the budget. If the financial actualization differs from the budget with 20% or more, it should be mentioned at the GMA.


                 6.1.4 Vice President

The vice president plays a supporting role within the Board.The other core tasks of the vice president are to organize the faculty introduction day (FIC) and the bachelor graduation.


                 6.1.5 Head of Education

The head of education is responsible for monitoring and improving the quality of education. The head of education attends year meetings and academic major meetings organised by the year coordinators and academic major coordinators. The head of education also represents SA Helix at the meetings of the SC. The head of education oversees the Student Evaluation Panels (SEP) and represents the interests of the Members with regard to educational matters.


                 6.1.6 Head of Activities

The head of activities oversees the activities committee. The head of activities is accountable for decisions taken by the activities committee concerning the organisation of activities.


                 6.1.7 Head of External Affairs

The head of external affairs represents the association in external matters. The head of external affairs is responsible for recruiting sponsors for the association. The head of external affairs is also responsible for communication and for agreements concluded with external parties.


              6.2 Committees

SA Helix has various committees that are regarded as a permanent part of the association. The committees are as follows: the activities committee, the excursion committee, the gala committee, the introduction week

committee, the camp committee, the education committee, and the Promo committee. The board of each committee consists of at least a president; if desired, the board may include a secretary and treasurer. Each committee funded by SA Helix must draw up a budget when it first becomes active. The budget is subject to the treasurer’s approval. The committees are supervised by a Board Member. The Board is authorised to establish new committees when such is deemed necessary.

                 6.2.1 Activities Committee

The activities committee organises activities for SA Helix. It does this at least once a month.

                 6.2.2 Education Committee

The education committee organises study related activities for SA Helix.

                 6.2.3 Excursion Committee

The excursion committee organises an annual excursion. At least one of the activities undertaken during the excursion must be study-related.

                 6.2.4 Family day Committee

The family day committee organises the annual SA Helix family day.

                 6.2.5 Gala Committee

The gala committee organises the annual SA Helix gala.

                 6.2.6 Introduction Week Committee

The introduction week committee organises various activities at the start of the academic year meant to acquaint first-year BBS students with SA Helix and Maastricht.

                 6.2.7 Camp Committee

The camp committee organises the SA Helix introductory camp that precedes the start of every academic year.

                 6.2.8 Student Evaluation Panel (SEP)

The SEP evaluates the quality of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.

                 6.2.9 Promo Committee

The promo committee is responsible for promoting SA Helix and any activities organised by SA Helix.



              6.3 Councils

SA Helix has various councils that are regarded as a permanent part of the association. They are the Advisory Council (AC) and the Financial Supervision Council (FSC). The councils are independent of the Board and have at least a president. Councils can elect new members themselves, every member has the right to apply for a council. Membership of a council consists of a period of 2 years. It is possible to leave a council before this term ends. Members can be re-elected only once for a council of which these members have already been part of. When a new member is elected he or she has to formally introduce themselves in the first upcoming GA.

                  6.3.1 Advisory Council (AC)

The AC supports and advises Study Association Helix. Any member of SA Helix can submit an application to become a member of the AC. Current members of the AC will then interview these applicants. The board is authorized to contribute suggestions for potential members of the AC. The AC must elect a president and secretary for the Council. The AC will meet with the board twice a year to discuss important matters and the AC itself must meet at least four times a year. The AC is allowed to give advice whether the board asks for it or not. The board does not have to adhere to this advice. It is required that one member of the AC is part of the Financial Supervision Council.

                 6.3.2 Financial Supervision Council (FSC)

Any member of SA Helix can submit an application to become a member of the FSC. Current members of the FSC will then interview these applicants. The board is authorized to contribute suggestions for potential

members of the FSC. The FSC is responsible for supervising the treasurer’s activities. This includes supervising the accounts, budget, financial actualization, cash reserves and other SA Helix transactions. The FSC chairperson reports the council’s findings during discussion of budgets or financial actualization at a GMA and before the treasurer is discharged from liability.

              6.4 Task Forces

Task forces are set up to undertake tasks of a temporary nature. The Board is authorised to establish new task forces when such is deemed necessary. Task forces must have a president; if desired, they may also appoint a secretary and treasurer. Task forces are supervised by a Board Member. Each task force funded by SA Helix must draw up a budget when it first becomes active. The budget is subject to the treasurer’s approval.


          7. MEETINGS

The association has four types of meetings: committee meetings, council meetings, Board Meetings (BMs) and General Members Assembly (GMAs).

              7.1 Committee Meetings

Minutes are taken during committee meetings to record any arrangements made and any agreed division of tasks.

              7.2 Council Meetings

Councils take decisions during council meetings. Minutes are kept of the meetings. The minutes are approved and signed by the chairperson. The minutes must be kept on file (in digital form).

              7.3 Board Meetings (BMs)

The Board takes decisions during BMs. Minutes are kept of these meetings. The minutes must be kept on file (in digital form).

              7.4 General Members Assembly (GAs)

The GA takes place at least twice a year. Access to the GA is granted by written invitation by the Board. A written invitation is sent to all members of the association and potential outside guests. A written invitation and relevant GA documents must be sent at least one week before the GMA starts.


The association takes decisions at the GA. It can do this by open voting or closed voting. Voting must be closed when the vote concerns persons or if one or more of those present so requests. A motion is considered to have been adopted when it has been passed by an absolute majority of voting Members, unless the Constitution states otherwise. If a Member is unable to attend, he/she may empower another Member to vote on his/her behalf. A Member attending the GA may vote on behalf of no more than two other Members. Members must be physically present at the GA. The minutes of the GMA must be sent to all members that were present at least 4 weeks after the date of the GA. A copy of the minutes must be made available to all members.


              8.1 Election of a New Board

The Board of SA Helix is elected for a one-year term. The Board’s term commences at the end of the academic year. All Members are eligible for election to the Board. When it is time to elect a new Board, all the association’s Members are invited to apply. After an application procedure, the existing Board will nominate a candidate Board. The nomination is submitted to the GMA, which then votes on the nomination.

              8.2 Interim Change in Board

Board Members may be suspended or dismissed by the GMA at any time. It is not necessary for the relevant Board Member to attend the GMA, but he or she must be informed of the proceedings. A Board Member may also step down from his or her position with the GMA’s approval. The relevant Board Member must explain the reason for his/her decision during the GMA. The vacant position will be filled (temporarily) by another Board Member. The Board may seek out a replacement Board Member. This person will be nominated at a GMA. The GMA must approve any changes in the distribution of Board positions. The Members must always be notified of the departure of a Board Member.


              9.1 Helix Room

  1. The Helix Room consists of a lounge (0.635a) and an office (0.633).
  2. The Board opens and closes the Helix Room. When the Helix Room is open, the lounge is open to everyone. The office is open to everyone only if the Board has given its consent. Board Members are responsible for the Helix Room. They may delegate that responsibility to a Member.
  3. The computer in the lounge is intended for everyone’s use. The Board will not use this computer unless it is necessary to do so. If Members receive permission to use the computers in the office, they must use the committee account.
  4. SA Helix is not liable for the behaviour of individuals in the Helix Room, even when that behaviour leads to damage (regardless of the nature of that damage).
  5. If an individual is a source of annoyance or nuisance in the Helix Room, he or she may be removed at once by the Board or by a Member whom the Board has been charged with that responsibility.
  6. If an individual causes any damage in or to the Helix Room, whether material, immaterial or physical, the Board may remove that person immediately from the Helix Room. In addition, any damage may be recovered from the relevant individual.

              9.2 Activities Organised (or Co-organised) by SA Helix

  1. SA Helix organises activities for Members and non-Members. If an individual wishes to participate in an activity, SA Helix is entitled to charge that individual a fee.
  2. The Board is entitled at all times to exclude Members and/or non-Members from participating in activities.
  3. Participation in activities organised (or co-organised) by SA Helix is at the Participant’s own risk; neither the Board nor the supervisors appointed by that Board accept any liability for the loss and/or theft of the Participant’s property.
  4. Participants are required at all times to follow the directions and/or instructions of the Board, the supervisors appointed by that Board, or other staff present.
  5. Participants are responsible at all times for their conduct with regard to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, and/or prohibited substances or objects.
  6. SA Helix accepts no liability for behaviour and/or damage arising from the use and abuse of drugs, alcohol and/or prohibited substances or objects.
  7. Participants are explicitly barred from taking drugs and/or prohibited substances or objects to activities organised (or co-organised) by SA Helix. Failure to comply with this prohibition entitles SA Helix to take any steps that it deems necessary. When necessary, the Board will report the Participant to the police. The relevant Participant will be removed from the activity immediately. The associated costs will be charged in full to the relevant Participant and will be recovered from him or her.
  8. Participants are responsible at all times for their own behaviour during and in connection with activities organised (or co-organised) by SA Helix. Participants who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and/or similar substances are not exempt from this responsibility.
  9. SA Helix is not liable for the behaviour of Participants, even when that behaviour leads to damage (regardless of the nature of that damage).
  10. If a Participant causes any damage, whether material, immaterial or physical, the Board or supervisors appointed by this Board may remove that Participant from the activity immediately. In addition, any damage may be recovered from the relevant Participant.
  11. The Board may bar Participants who are a source of annoyance or nuisance such that they impede the activity or its continuation from further participation in the activity. The associated costs will be charged in full to the Participant.
  12. If the Participant cancels his or her participation in an activity prematurely, the Registration Fee will not be reimbursed. If an event of force majeure (overmacht) within the meaning of Section 6:75 of the Dutch Civil Code has led to the cancellation (such to be determined by the Board), the Participant may submit a request to the Board for reimbursement.
  13. Participants must furnish accurate information to SA Helix upon SA Helix’ request. SA Helix is not responsible for the consequences of Participants neglecting to provide information, or providing incorrect or incomplete information.
  14. It is the responsibility of the Participants themselves to have on their person legitimate identification documents such as are required in the country of destination.
  15. Participants must take out all necessary insurance themselves.

              9.3 Additional Terms and Conditions

The Board reserves the right to make certain activities subject to additional terms and conditions not provided for in the above terms and conditions. Members and/or Participants will be notified accordingly in such cases.


          10. STANDING RULES

              10.1 Amendments to Standing Rules

The Standing Rules must be signed at the start of each Board term by the entire new Board to indicate that it has taken note of them. Amendments to the Standing Rules must be approved by the GMA on an article-by-article basis. After approval, all Board Members must sign the Standing Rules. The copy most recently signed will be kept on file and will serve as the official Standing Rules until a subsequent amendment. SA Helix reserves the right to make interim amendments to the Standing Rules. A Written copy of the amended Standing Rules will be sent to all Members.

          10.2 Signatures

President                                                           Secretary













Treasurer                                                           Vice President













Head of Education                                                Head of Activities













Head of External Affairs