Activities Committee

The A-com of SA Helix organizes multiple activities every year for all the members of our association. Some activities organised in the last years are lasergamen, pubquiz, cycling dinner, iceskating, foam party, and movie-afternoons. Furthermore, this committee organises a Course Openings Party (COP) at the beginning of every period. Each COP is celebrated in another theme, such as Onesie party, Valentine’s party, Birthday party, etc. At these parties, everyone is welcome! If you have any ideas, you are welcome to share them with us.

Members of the Activity Committee of 2017-2018/p>

Wessel Vos (President)
Ryo Namba (Treasurer)
Zoe Mwangi (Secretary)
Maria Scoz Luz
Merel Kelders
Dominic Ebele

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