XXVIIth Board of SA Helix


Hi there!  My name is Sacha Lamers, the new president of SA Helix. I am born in Nijmegen, a lovely city in the middle of the Netherlands. After High School I was ready for a new city and came to the amazing Maastricht. Until now I have really enjoyed my two years of biomedical sciences now and am looking forward to the rest, especially to the upcoming board year! As the president I will preside all the board meetings, presidents meetings, GA’s  and have meetings with brothers and sister associations.


My name is Enzo Chiaradia, I’m the new Secretary. I was born in Limburg, the Netherlands, I always lived near Maastricht so I thought it was the obvious and easy choice to make. My association with Helix started with camp where I made some good friends and had a lot of fun, after this I thought to myself that I wanted to contribute more to Helix so I applied for the activities committee. Around the time the board applications were advertised I wanted to contribute even more to Helix so I decided to apply for board. I will be answering your emails, making your newsletters and your course books.


Hey y’all! I’m Austin and I’m the Treasurer for SA Helix. I was born In Utrecht and moved to Curaçao when I was 9. After doing my high school there, I made the decision of coming to Maastricht and I definitely don’t regret that decision! As the Treasurer, I will mainly be dealing with money and making sure everything financial will be going as planned.


My Name is Houda, and I am the new Vice-president. I was born in Noord-Holland, the Netherlands and moved to Cairo, Egypt when I was 5 years old. In Egypt I went to an American high school and from there I came here to Maastricht. I applied for Board as I got to know more about the association being part of the gala committee throughout the year. For the upcoming year I will be welcoming all new members in the helix room and will be happily organizing the faculty introduction day and the Bachelor graduation ceremony.

Head of Education

My name is Lara, and I come from Bologna, Italy, where I was born and raised. I spent one year in China during my high school years, and I’ve been traveling around my whole life.

After high school, I decided to move to Maastricht as i was looking for a different teaching method, which turned out to be the PBL system, and I wanted to experience something different from my own culture.

I chose to apply for the board of SA Helix after being part of the Student Evaluation Panel (SEP2) of year one. In my home country, giving feedback to Professors and teachers is not really possible, and sometimes not acceptable due to our culture, thus this was a big (positive) change for me. As Head of Education i will be in charge to overlook the SEPs and make sure they keep up the good work. Also, I will participate in Student Council’s and coordinators’ meetings. I am looking forward to helping students make change happen.

Head of Activities

My name is Coco Smit, the new head of activities of SA Helix. I was born and raised in Sittard, a city in Limburg, the Netherlands. After high school I was looking for a biomedical related study and found the international environment here in Maastricht interesting. I am looking forward to organize many events with the activities, education as well as randwyck party committees upcoming year.

Head of External Affairs

Hi my name is Philip Ernst, I am a Dutch student from a town in Brabant called ‘Uden’. I come from a family with 2 sister and one brother, who are all older than me. I am half Romanian and grew up appreciating both Dutch and Romanian culture. I went to a normal high school in my town and moved to Maastricht 2 years ago. I got to know the association through their camp, which I loved. Most of my friends are from camp, so when the association was in need of help, I felt it was my duty to step in.