Student Evaluation Panel

As Study Association Helix we want to ensure the quality of the education given by the University. The Student Evaluation Panel (SEP) makes sure of this. It consist of around 4-8 motivated students that want to improve the study. The panel evaluates the courses by given feedback and advice.

Members of the Student Evaluation Panel 2021-2022:

Year 1

  • Hila Karwal (President)
  •  (Secretary)
  • Dion Wolters
  • Esmee van den Berg
  • Noha el Hajj
  • Annemijn de Rooy
  • Martine Hana
  • Meike de Jong (Head of Education)

Year 2

  • Melanie Hermans (President)
  • Aijke sijtsma (Secretary)
  • Jaleesa Jallo
  • Tim Nebermann
  • Mike Zwiers
  • Tia Jernej
  • Meike de Jong (Head of Education)

Year 3

  • Alizeh Ahsan
  • Rachel Chin Kwie Joe
  • Priyamvadha Philip
  • Meike de Jong (Head of Education)