Gala Committee

Organizing a gala is a task with a lot of responsibilities, but also an incredible experience! The committee usually begins to organize this event in the beginning of the academic year. Different tasks include arranging the perfect location, finding a satisfactory photographer and of course some kind of amazing music act. Sometimes there even is a theme to the gala, which needs special decorations or dress code. These ideas also come from the committee, so creative members are needed for this! All in all, the committee organizes an unforgettable night for everyone!

Members of the Gala committee 2018-2019:
Tom Wyckmans (president)
Katrina Go (treasurer)
Boya Siahaija (secretary)
Sam Majoor
Houda Soliman
Isabela de Assis
Joshua Stepanian
Wessel Vos
Yonis Tammar

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