Events in September 2021

6-10 September Intro week (sold out!!!)
10-12 September Camp

Sign up via this link:

We hope to see you all!

Problems with accounts

Dear member,

Because we are re-doing our website we have some problems with making the accounts when signing up as a new member. We are really sorry for this inconvenience. When you sign up now as a new member you will get your account sooner since it is automized now. If you did not receive a confirmation mail about your account, press “password forgotten” when you log into the site and make a new password. Then you should receive an email, this can take up to 1 day. Do you still have questions about the accounts, or do you not succeed in making one? Send an email to

You don’t need this account to buy merch or sign up for events. Just being a member is enough for that. The account is to be able to see all the pictures on the website.

Kind regards,

The XXIX board of SA Helix

Knaek Offers!

Dear members, in a collaboration with Knaek we are offering you 100 free knaek passes! You can use these to get discounts at a lot of places like KFC, Domino’s, Burger King and even Complex! Make sure to pick yours up in the Helix room once university starts!

Check out all the offerings here:

Mandatory Lab Coats – First Years 2021 – 2022

In the academic year 2021-2022 all first-year biomedical students are required to own their own lab coat. Get yours with a great discount by becoming a Helix member before the limited items run out! See the attached file for more information on how to order your lab coat. For additional questions, you can contact us via helix@maastrichtuniversity or

Link to get your lab coats from us now:

Helix Sweaters!

You can now come by the Helix Room and order our classic sweaters. Unfortunately, this can only be done once university is back open.

Or you can order them online, click here to order your sweater
Lots of love
XXIXth Board of Helix