Meet Karel

As some of you may already know, SA Helix has a mascot called Karel. Karel is a frog that lives in our Helix Room in UNS40. He will be present at most of our events and he also has his own Instagram account: @kareldekoningkikker. So make sure to follow him!

Karel’s story started with the Secretary of the 26th board (Sam Majoor) and the “Head of Kopieerder” (Tom Wyckmans). They laid eyes on this beautiful frog at the Action while shopping for the annual Helix gala. The theme of the gala that year was Enchanted Forest. The frog would make a great addition to the decoration of this gala. During the gala, Karel danced all night and got the know the Helix members very well. During the summer of 2019, Karel was spotted by Helix members in several places all over Europe having the best time with his lovers. When classes started again, he was happy to be part of the Helix room and listened to all the gossip that was going on there. When the 26th board left, the Helix room got a little dirty and so did he with a bit of pink amoeba, but still, the 27th board took good care of him and he got to meet great first years and Helix members. Unfortunately, the 28th board did not get a chance to get to know Karel that well and he felt quite lonely not being able to go to the Helix events and to meet the new first years. After a long time, the 29th board came into the Helix room and they found him all sad. But they took him with them to the barbecue, and Karel was really happy again. Karel even had a couple of sleepovers at the houses of the board members which cheered him up even more. Karel is currently living in the Helix room again and he is able to play Mario Kart all night. Make sure to stop by the Helix room to meet Karel. He also really likes to take pictures with the Helix members, just make sure to tag him if you post the picture!