General information

One of the many tasks of study association Helix, and maybe even the most important task, is the evaluation and improvement of the education programmes. As study association, we try to provide and stimulate the contact between students and instructors. Furthermore, SA Helix offers activities related to education such as workshops, lectures and information drinks. Next to education-related activities, we also organise other activities such as Course Opening Parties (COPs), an yearly excursion, an yearly gala, and other fun activities. Finally, a membership of SA Helix also gives you discount on the purchase of books and we provide course manuals for the first year.

History of SA Helix

The study association Helix was founded in 1993 for the study of Biological Health Sciences (BHS) at the University Maastricht (UM). This study was one of the specialisations within the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS). Until August 2002, every specialisation had their own study association, before the study associations were merged into the new study association M.S.V. Santé. However, our study association Helix decided to stay an independent study association for the new study of Molecular Life Sciences (MLS). The MLS study was part of the transnational University Limburg, a partnership between the University Maastricht and the Limburgs Universitair Centrum in Diepenbeek, now known as the University of Hasselt.

Since 2005, all affairs related to education were handled by the FHS with remaining communication between the two Universities. With the start of MLS, the University decided to categorise BHS as a component of MLS. Since then, SA Helix is the study association for both MLS as BHS. Since September 2006, BHS disappeared for good and SA Helix became a study association for only MLS and master-students of Clinical Molecular Sciences (CMS), Molecular Health Sciences (MHS), and Oncology and Developmental Biology (ODB).

Since the first of January 2007, MLS became a component of a new fusion-faculty, named Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML). Then from the first of January 2010, the MLS study was changed into the study of Bachelor Biomedical Sciences (BBS) with the tracks Molecular Life Sciences (MLS), Biological Health Sciences (BHS), and Bioregulation and Human Movement Sciences (BHMS). From this moment on, SA Helix was a study association for students of all tracks of BMS and all Bachelor-related Master programmes.

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