XXXIst Board of SA Helix


Rutvik Karupothula, XXXIst President of SA Helix

Hi, it’s me again, the new President of Helix. I have spent a good 19 years on this world, originating all the way from the land of spices, India. Currently a first year bachelor, hopefully will be a second year in a couple months. The people like to call me Tech Support but I haven’t been supporting much tech recently. One of my favourite hobbies is looking at ducks and geese, such majestic and fine looking animals.


Lisanne van der Vorst, XXXIst Secretary of SA Helix

Hi guys, it’s your new Secretary! I am very excited about this new role and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. I’ve only joined the association as an active member in March, and since then it has been a rollercoaster of new experiences. 

I’m 18 years old and from Etten-Leur, a town in Brabant close to Breda. I love going on hikes, drawing, partying, running (although I should really start doing that more often) and of course, I love checking mailboxes and taking minutes, since those are some of my tasks as Secretary. But don’t worry, if you want to talk to me you don’t have to send an email, just stop by the helix room and I’m probably there drawing or painting something random

I hope you all have a great vacation and I’ll see you at the amazing events we have planned during the next year!


Maïté Janssen, XXXIst Treasurer of SA Helix

Hello lovely people, your new treasurer here 🙂 I’m Maïté, the mom of the group at 24 years old and I am a second year bachelor student. I hail from tiny Luxembourg where I grew up between cow pastures and fields. In my free time I love to read and do Sudokus, and I also love to go on walks along the Maas. Find me in the Helix room to talk best current reads, numbers or best walking routes of Maastricht 🙂


Oguz Kaldirim, XXXIst Vice-President of SA Helix

Hello my friends! My name is Oguz Kaldirim and I am the new Vice-President of SA Helix. I arrived on this planet 22 years ago and I have spent most of my days in Tilburg until I decided to move to Maastricht two years ago in the middle of my bachelor’s. Currently, I am a third year bachelor student. As of next year, I will be a third year bachelor student. Most of my free time is spent on playing sports or going to random forests all over The Netherlands. If you are ever in need of a sporting buddy, walking buddy or someone to have a good chat with, drop by the Helix room as I spend a lot of time there as well! I am really looking forward to our board year and meeting all of you!  

Head of Education

Barbora Vališ, XXXIst Head of Education of SA Helix

Y’all, I’m back. 

I’m Barbora and I am the 31st Board’s Head of Education.  I am 20 years old and just finishing my second year of biomed bachelor. I was born in the Czech Republic, but we moved to Brussels when I was only 6. 

I love reading and painting, and it’s awesome procrastination. 

If you ever have any education-related questions, the odds are I am chilling in the Helix room, so feel free to stop by.

Looking forward to being here and meeting everyone! 

Head of Internal Affairs

Loes Meinema, XXXIst Head of Internal Affairs of SA Helix

Hello everyone! My name is Loes and I am one out of the two Heads of Internal Affairs of the 31st board of Helix. I was born in Nijmegen and moved to Maastricht last summer for my bachelor. Some of my hobbies are playing the piano, going on hikes and hanging out with friends. I am very excited about our coming year as board, it’s going to be a great one! So hopefully you will join us along this crazy ride. Come meet us at the Helix room if you have any questions, but for now have a good summer and we’ll see you next year!

Valentijn Kerstens, XXXIst Head of Internal Affairs of SA Helix

What it is everyone, I am Valentijn and I am honoured to present myself as one of the Heads of internal affairs of the 31st board of Helix! I hail from the picturesque town of Nuenen close to Eindhoven and moved to Maastricht in the first year of my bachelor 😮 .  I love listening to classical music and indulging in unsettling amounts of ouzo. I couldn’t be more excited to see what my board year will look like and can’t wait to see everyone at INKOM and at uni!

Head of External Affairs

Mylena van Haaren, XXXIst Head of External Affairs of SA Helix

Hey guys, now presenting: the new Head of External Affairs! I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that not even a year ago I was merely a biomed firstie, and now, many Helix events and crazy stories later, I am on the 31st board ! It has been a wild year, and I cannot wait to keep the wildness going for you guys next year too !!! 

Oh yeah, a bit about myself ! I am 19 years old, (going to the second year hopefully), I was born in Rotterdam to a Russian mother and a Dutch father, and since I have moved quite a bit to various countries. I am interested in numerous hobbies, but I love walking the most, no matter where; be it along the Maas, or in “random forests all over The Netherlands”, so if you have any routes in mind, please come on over to the Helix room and we can strategise 😜! 

Ok that’s more than enough, have a great summer, and I cannot wait to see you in September !!!