Books BMS

Books for Year 1

Period 1: BBS1001 (The Lego Bricks of Life)
– iGenetics: Pearson International Edition by Russel
– Molecular Biology of the cell by Alberts and Johnson

Period 2: BBS1002 (Homeostasis and organ systems)
– Human Physiology, An Integrated Approach by Silverthorn

Period 3: BBS1003 (Introduction to Statistics)
– Discovering statistics using SPSS by A. Field
– Mind on Statistics by Heckard

Period 4: BBS1004 (Brain, behaviour and movement)
– Neuroscience and Exploring the Brain by Bear

Period 5: BBS1005 (Genetics, Reproduction and Prenatal Development)
– Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise by McGinnnis
– Developmental Biology by S.F. Gilbert
– Larsen’s Human Embryology by Philip R. Brauer

Period 6: BBS1006 (Critical Appraisal of Biomedical Publication)
– No Literature

Books for Year 2

Period 1: BBS2001 (Threats and defence mechanism)
– Basic Immunology by Abul K. Abbas
– Medical Microbiology by Murray

Period 2: BBS2002 (From Cradle to Grave: Development, Ageing, and Disease)

Period 3: BBS2003 (Non-invasive techniques in biomedical research)

Period 4: BBS2004 (a – Human intermediary / b – Cell signalling)
– b – Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts & Johnson, Norton (same book as BBs1001)

Period 5: BBS2005 (a – Biorhythms in Homeostasis / b – Neuromuscular control of movement)

Period 6: BBS2006 (a – Integrative systems biology / b – Allometry / c – Sensorimotor behaviour and neuroplasticity)

Electives for Year 2