Activities Committee

The A-com of SA Helix organizes multiple activities every year for all the members of our association. Some activities organised in the last years are lasergamen, pubquiz, cycling dinner, iceskating, foam party, and movie-afternoons. Furthermore, this committee organises a Course Openings Party (COP) at the beginning of every period. Each COP is celebrated in another theme, such as Onesie party, Valentine’s party, Birthday party, etc. At these parties, everyone is welcome! If you have any ideas, you are welcome to share them with us.

Members of the Activity Committee of 2020-2021

Mara Beckers (President)

Sam Majoor (Treasurer)

Sara van Creij (Secretary)

Femke Kraneburg

Christine Verhagen

Camp committee

The Camp Committee organizes the yearly introduction camp for first year students of the bachelor Biomedical Sciences. The camp is a great way to get to know your fellow students of the first of Biomedical Sciences. 

Members of the Camp Committee 2018-2019:

Yonis Tammar (president)
Natashe Howe (secretary)
Khushbu Mirchandani (Board Member)

Education committee

Making the right decisions can be really difficult especially when there is so much to chose from; courses, minors, internships, masters and of course jobs. The Education Committee wants to help students make those decisions easier by organising a lot of different activities. Lectures, workshops and excursions to business are examples of how we want to achieve this goal.

Members of the Education committee 2020-2021:

Bente Brauwers (President)

Meike de Jong (Treasurer)

Mara Beckers (Secretary)

Christine Verhagen

Diana Rodionova

Excursion committee

The Excursion Committee organizes the annual excursion trip of SA Helix. The goal of the committee is to organize an unforgettable journey for the members. When we are abroad we visit the city highlights, and try to organize a trip to the university. But most of all we have a lot of fun! Some previous destinations we visited are Prague and Krakow.

Members of the excursion committee 2020-2021

Jairo Lommen (President)

Alicia Calderon (Treasurer)

Anna Smeets (Secretary)

Luca Santus

Yonis Tammar

Evelien van Boxel

Sara van Creij

Meike de Jong

Family day committee

The Family day committee organizes every year the annual Family day. This committee creates an amazing day, including a lecture, practical and a PBL case!

Members of the Family day Committee 2020-2021:

Clarissa Falempin (President)

Helena Volarevic (Treasurer)

Sacha Lamers (Secretary)

Jaycey Kelly

Tobias Decker

Martin Uerlich

Gala committee

Organizing a gala is a task with a lot of responsibilities, but also an incredible experience! The committee usually begins to organize this event in the beginning of the academic year. Different tasks include arranging the perfect location, finding a satisfactory photographer and of course some kind of amazing music act. Sometimes there even is a theme to the gala, which needs special decorations or dress code. These ideas also come from the committee, so creative members are needed for this! All in all, the committee organizes an unforgettable night for everyone!

Members of the Gala committee 2020-2021:
Jaleesa Jallo (president)

Anna Smeets (treasurer)

Heleen van den Berg (secretary)

Lieke Troost

Alicia Calderon

Battice Westendorp

Introduction week committee

The Introduction week Committee is responsible for organizing a week full of fun activities for first year students to get to know each other and the city of Maastricht.

Members of the Introduction Week Committee 2020-2021:

Maria Fernanda Scoz Luz (President)
Heleen van den Berg (Secretary)
Battice Westendorp (Treasurer)
Enzo Chiaradia
Sam Majoor
Martin Uerlich

Promo committee

The Promo Committee is responsible for making all the promo for the association. This includes making the posters, giving lecture talks, giving out flyers and keeping the Facebook and LinkedIn pages up to date. This committee is a great way to show your creative side to your fellow students!

Members of the Promo Committee 2020-2021:

Tim de Martines (President)

Maria Fernanda Scoz Luz (Treasurer)

Kelly Grijsbach (Secretary)

Johanne Vermetten

Kim Bijl

Steven Chau

Sports committee

The sports committee is a new committee and they plan all the sport related activities. Some glow golf, bouldering, and many more to come!

The members of the sports taskforce of 2020-2021:

Femke Kraneburg (President)
Evelien van Boxel (Treasurer)
Floor Kaalberg (Secretary)
Christine Verhagen (Board Member)

Wellbeing committee

Together with the first years committee these are the brand new committees of 2021, and you can thank them to the pandemic (then at least something good came out of it). The wellbeing committee focuses especially on taking a second to breath and take a break from uni stuff. Together with a great group of girls, initiatives like the self-care bingo and challenging behaviour workshop are brought to life especially for you.

Maria Scoz Luz (president)

Bente Brauwers (secretary)

Aike Sijtsma (treasurer)

Lieke Troost

Jaleesa Jallo

Floor Kaalberg

Helena Volarevic

First years committee

The first years committee focuses, you guessed it, on first years. Differently from normal years, camp in 2020 could not happen and intraweek had a signup limit of 50, so only very few students got to meet. Therefore, Helix decided to make a committee especially for those new students in Maastricht to gather and have fun, and prevent missing out on all the fun uni life has to offer.

Yonis Tammar

Alicia Calderon

Luca Santus

Anna Smeets

Kimberly Bijl

Student Evaluation Panel

As Study Association Helix we want to ensure the quality of the education given by the University. The Student Evaluation Panel (SEP) makes sure of this. It consist of around 4-8 motivated students that want to improve the study. The panel evaluates the courses by given feedback and advice.

Members of the Student Evaluation Panel 2020-2021:

Year 1

Melanie Hermans (President)

Jaleesa Jallo (Secretary)

Terence de meza (Board Member)

Aike Sijtsma

Dion Wolters

Meike de Jong

Year 2

Agnieszka Talik (President)

Amien Abid (Secretary)

Terence de Meza (Board Member)

Quinty Thomasse

Year 3
Daniek Slegers (President)

Afaf Ouchen (Secretary)

Terence de Meza (Board Member)

Master SEP

The master SEP is similar to the Student Evaluation Panel of all bachelor years; however, the master is focused on the master courses. It consist of around 4-8 motivated students that want to improve the study. The panel evaluates the courses by given feedback and advice.

Meet the members of the taskforce 2020-2021:

Masters SEP I

Lara Bini (President)
Terence de Meza (Board Member)

Masters SEP II

Jaycey Kelly (President)
Zylienne Fluonia (Secretary)
Terence de Meza (Board Member)
Elias Albeirakbar

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council (AC) has been created to support the boards and to give advice when needed or when considered necessary. The advisory council consist of people with knowledge from Helix and/or the board. 

Members of the advisory council:
Kirsten Hendriks
Katrina Go

Helena Volarevic

Sam major

Jaycey Kelly

Financial Supervisory Council

The Financial Supervision Counsil (FSC) assists and advices the Treasurer with the financial administration of the association.

Members of the FSC:

Kirsten Waanders (President)
Joost van der Heijden
Anneke van der Horst
Helena Volarevic

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