Lustrum VI

This year, Helix will be celebrating their 6th lustrum. Our study association was founded in September 1993 and will turn 30 years old this year. We want to honor this special event with all of you. Therefore, we will be organizing three special events to highlight this memorable year.

Ageless Adventure
A lustrum is nonexistent without a suitable theme. For our 6h lustrum we have chosen the theme Ageless Adventures. This means that our events will be going through different times periods, while still being timeless. It also means exciting adventures. Throughout the whole academic year, you will see this theme returning in our events and services.

Multiple events have already come to pass, with many more on the way too.

To kick off the year, we started with a merch release party and an event reveal party where the themes of the upcoming events were revealed by solving puzzles and games from our childhood.

Black and White Gala

One of the games unveiled the theme of this year’s Gala and first serious Lustrum event: the Black and White Gala.

On that monochromatic night, everyone looked classy, chic, and we were brought back in time to the “good ol’ days” that now live through in the black and white films. It was a night to remember for sure at Complex, with an amazing DJ who made our feet move off our own accord, great company, and delicious food, the open bar was also a well-loved part of the night. Overall, a raging success, making the Lustrum Committee even more excited to host their own event, and we all have the Gala Committee to thank for this incredible night!

Dinner Under the Stars

The most recent Lustrum event was Dinner Under the Stars. Hosted at Chalet D’n Observant, overlooking the scenic view of St Pietersburg, it was a stunning evening.

Everyone gathered at the top of Maastricht for a splendid evening full of great food, drinks and laughter, all at a stunning location. We were served a 3 course meal that had a wide variety, and everyone enjoyed it ! The view was breathtaking, and the people who joined made the event a thousand times better. It was overall, a perfect start to the string of Lustrum Events that will soon be taking place.

Next up, we will be playing our hand, and betting our drinks at Casino Night, and then ending the year with a bang, or should I say, a SPLASH, at the Beach Party.

So stay tuned, and don’t forget to sign up for more unbelievable and unforgettable adventures !

Lustrum Taskforce

It’s the Lustrum Taskforce that have made this year’s Adventures a reality. They organised the events, decorated them, basically brought the magic to the year. And who are they you may ask ?

Well, here we are:

Yonis Tammar (President), Johanne Vermetten (Secretary), Anna Smeets (Treasurer), Lieke Troost, Mara Beckers, Meike de Jong, Sophie Ramjoie, Mylena van Haaren, Valentijn Kerstens.

And we are really excited for this year, and celebrate Helix’s birthday!!!

Nothing would have been possible without the help of our sponsors : ABN Amro, InterUm and Partzorg. Thank you so much to make this year possible !

So, in conclusion, don’t forget to sign up for the upcoming events, and let the adventures continue!


Lustrum Taskforce